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Walking in the Woods

Here's a short branching narrative story I made for a class project based on the song "Shia Labeouf" by Rob Cantor. When I made this story I had one track follow the events of the song, but I also included various different endings and multiple routes that could be taken to reach all of the endings. A brief trigger warning, as the song this story is based on includes lots of violence, so does this game.

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Chronowave:Global Appliance

This is some of the game art I made for a game jam I participated in with my friends. The main story of the game was that you are a time travelling freedom fighter trying to stop the World Oven, the culmination of failed and ignored efforts to curb global warming. You have to travel back in time to weaken the World Oven and acquire a stronger clean power source to defeat it once you return to the future. Also you have a microwave for a head.

A mini-boss parody character of the Vocaloid character 'Hatsune Miku'. She has a microwave for a head and a large furnace for her body. Location card for the Chernobyl section of the game Conceptual rendering of what one of the mini boss fights might have looked like Conceptual rendering of what the final boss fight might have looked like Game over screen